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Game description

The Mundane Quest for Milk is a 2D adventure game featuring Charles McDairy from Milktown! When his nagging wife sends him out to get more milk, Charles begins the adventure of his lifetime in his small dairy-obsessed city. Guide Charles through mischieving youngsters, irritating traffic lights and moral dilemmas in his new adventure!

Controls (Keyboard+Mouse or Xbox Controller)

Move: WASD/Arrow Keys / Left Analog Stick

Attack: Left Mouse / Right Trigger

Yell: Right Mouse / Left Trigger

Jump: Space / A

Inventory: I (Not needed in current version) / Y


The game was developed by Phillip Loki Hybertz Haugaard, Johan Begtorp Kaaber, Simon Erslev Milfred, Magnus Engell Petersen, and Emil Løvø Thomsen during NordicGameJam 2015, a 48-hour game jam session in Copenhagen, Denmark.